Falk Joensson's
Learning Programming with Eas
(Easy Application Script Tutorial)

Appendix:01. Donate

I give both Eas 4B and this tutorial to you for free. Sure, both Eas 4B and this tutorial meant a lot of hard work for me. But I want to share them with you on a friendly and open basis. Selling is never friendly and open, it is saying "Sure I could give it to you, but I won't, na nana nana. Unless ... you give me this certain amount of money that I just arbitrarily decided on." And so it is withheld from you if you can't spend this money, either in this moment or in general. This is not my style. I want a better world, for me, for my children, for everyone. Therefore I contribute my share on the friendly and open basis of freeware. This allows you to use freely what I create, and it lets you decide what you may return. You can donate freely any amount you like, whenever you like — every sum is welcome. (Of couse, the bigger the sum and the sooner you donate, the more you help me.) Please donate via: P →paypal.me/falkjinfo/50 (You can change the amount yourself.)
01. Donate
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