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Eas (Easy Application Script)

Rendering 2D Drawings:01. 2D Coordinate Systems

By default, Cartesian coordinates are used, with x pointing right from the drawing center and y pointing up from the drawing center. Both x and y are given in percent, where 100,100 is the top right corner. DRAW'HERE:x y w h s Alters the coordinate system for future drawing. With x and y being each 0..100, as percentages from the bottom left corner, four coordinate system types are possible: x y = bottom left corner (graph type) x -y = top left corner (classical screen type) -x y = drawing detail center (artist type) -x -y = center of radial coordinates (x y) becoms the new coordinate origin (0 0)
With w and h being each 0..100: w = the width in percent of the full width -w = the width in percent of the full height h = the height in percent of the full height -h = the height in percent of the new width You can also rotate the drawing by setting a clockwise spin angle s in degrees. Supported shortened call formats: DRAW'HERE! = -50 50 100 100 0 (restore default) DRAW'HERE:w = -50 50 w -100 0 (centered square) DRAW'HERE:w h = -50 50 w h 0 (centered box) DRAW'HERE:x y w = x y w -100 0 (square)
01. 2D Coordinate Systems
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