Falk Joensson's
Eas (Easy Application Script)

Rendering 2D Drawings:21. Artistic Effects

DRAW'BLUR:r 1 p 0 blurs the image by a pixels radius of 1≤r≤50 optionally preserving 0≤p≤100 percent of details
DRAW'NOISE:z 20 adds random noise to the pixel values with an intensity of z percent set a negative -z percent to add noise only to existing shapes (set pixels, alpha>0)
DRAW'PIXELATE:p 8 redraws the current layer using bigger pixels that have a width and height of 2≤p≤64
DRAW'RUG:t 50 c 50 w 1 creates a rug-like (or fur-like) look from the current layer with the relative thickness (density) t in % and the contrast (depth/shading) c also in % using a line width of 1≤w≤3 pixels
DRAW'SCANLINES:p 25 darkens every second horizontal line by the power p in percent
DRAW'SHAKE:d 2 randomly exchanges pixels over a distance of 2≤d≤64
DRAW'SHARPEN:i 1 enhances edge contrasts with the intensity 1≤i≤50
DRAW'SKETCH:c 0 b 1 creates a sketch drawing with the contours drawn with a tool defined by c 0 = pencil 100 = coal the coaliness can be set as 0≤c≤100 percent and the brightness contrast 1≤b≤10
DRAW'WOODIFY:v r 10 l 30 creates a wood-like texture over existing shapes (set pixels, alpha>0) with the roughness 0≤r≤100 and the intensity limit 0≤l≤100 vertically if v#0, else horizontally
21. Artistic Effects
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