Falk Joensson's
Eas (Easy Application Script)

Rendering 2D Drawings:14. Layers and Masks

DRAW'LAYER! creates a new drawing layer DRAW'CUT:c 1 creates a cut-mask of the type c that uses its alpha channel valid types: 1 = cut the layer or mask below 2 = cut the whole merged drawing -1 = keep from the layer or mask below -2 = keep from the whole merged drawing 0 = simple layer (for debugging the mask) "cut" removes shapes "keep" keeps only the shapes, removing the outside
DRAW'MASK:m "w" creates a proper mask of the type m the case-insensitive m must have either of these characters (or have a word that starts with it): g = keep by the green channel r = keep by the red channel y = keep by yellows (green+red) b = keep by the blue channel c = keep by cyans (green+blue) m = keep by magentas (red+blue) w = keep by white/brightness (green+red+blue) if m contains a minus dash - then the mask is inverted (ducking mask) if m contains a plus sign + then the mask is applid to the whole merged drawing as opposed to just the layer or mask below
DRAW'SAVE:k saves the current layer/cut/mask image under the key name string k DRAW'LAYER:k DRAW'CUT:c 1 k DRAW'MASK:m "w" k loads the image data saved via DRAW'SAVE under the key name string k as a new layer/cut/mask if there is no such image data saved, a blank layer/cut/mask will be created DRAW'MERGE! merges all layers, applying any masks/cuts use this to apply effects to the whole image instead of just the topmost layer/mask DRAW'MERGE:l 0 merges/applies the topmost l layers/masks/cuts global masks/cuts that would be applied to the whole image normally now will only be applied to the selected range if the lowest layer in the selection is a mask or cut, normally visible layers directly over them will be merged into them if l is too large or <1 then all will be merged/applied
14. Layers and Masks
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