Falk Joensson's
Eas (Easy Application Script)

Rendering 2D Drawings:15. Modifying Layers

DRAW'ALPHA:a 90 sets the relative opacity (alpha) of the current layer or mask by a in percent 100 = keep unchanged 50 = make semi-transparent 0 = make completely invisible DRAW'MIRROR:v 0 mirrors the current layer or mask horizontally if v=0, else vertically DRAW'ROTATE:d 90 rotates the current layer or mask by d clockwise degrees DRAW'SCALE:w h x y scales the current layer or mask the width is changed to w percent w must not be 0 the height is changed to h percent or, if h=0, to w percent negative w or h flip the image -1≤x≤1 sets the horizontal alignment -1 = left-aligned 0 = horizontally centered 1 = right-aligned -1≤y≤1 sets the vertical alignment -1 = bottom-aligned 0 = vertically centered 1 = top-aligned
15. Modifying Layers
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