Falk Joensson's
Eas (Easy Application Script)

Rendering 2D Drawings:17. Picture Frames

DRAW'FRAME:w 10 c "#88" s -2 i 50 draws a frame inside the currently set coordinate system (without spin, rectangle also for radial coordinate systems) and sets the new coordinates inside it the frame width w can be given either in percent (100 leaves but 2 pixels inside) or negative as pixels but it will never exceed 100 % or be less than 3 pixels the frame slope/shape s can be set as either a single ± number 0 = no frame shading (all flat) 1 = ramp up 2 = line up 3 = hill up 4 = flat up -4 = flat down -3 = ramp down -2 = line down -1 = hill down (the numbers correspond to the volume added or removed respectively)
or a ± two-digit as a combination of the types above except there must be no 0 and -?44 must be written as just -?4 the first number along with the optional sign defines the type and up/down direction the second number reverses the direction for example: 11 = ramp up, ramp down
or 3-4 numbers with optional sign for a hold-phase in the middle -?[1-3]\d\d[1-3] the first and last digit work as with two digits the second digit defines how many tenths the first slope will reach the top/bottom early the third digit defines how many tenths the second type will start delayed for example: 1791 = 15 % ramp up (1-7/10)/2 80 % hold (7+9)/10/2 5 % ramp down (1-9/10)/2 either [1-3]\d or \d[1-3], but not both, can also be replaced by a 4 for an all-flat half
the shading intensity i is given in percent
the color c can be given as either a string of the CSS'COLA formats #X #XA #RGB #RGBA #RRGGBB #RRGGBBAA or a CSS color mixer string of the formats rgb(RRR,GGG,BBB) rgba(RRR,GGG,BBB,AAA) which can be generated with CSS'COLA or -1 to invert the current layer's colors or 0 to just apply shading
17. Picture Frames
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