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Introduction:04. Reader features

The reader gets a particularly - clear, - easy to read, and - easy to navigate website. Besides the usual webbrowser controls for scrolling Pg↓ Pg↑ Home End and for jumping backwards by Backspace or Alt+ and forwards by Shift+Backspace or Alt+ the reader can leaf through the website going to the next / previous page by simply pressing / and open the Table of Contents by pressing Esc. The Table of Contents initially opens in the Compact View mode, showing the articles only of the current category and all the other categories. By pressing Ins or Del the reader can toggle between the Compact View and the Full Sitemap mode anytime. The latter shows all articles in all categories. (If no categories are set up for the website, the Table of Contents makes no such difference.) In the Table of Contents, besides also the bigger-jump controls Pg↓ Pg↑ Home End work as expected by the reader. Pressing Enter opens the selected article/page, while Esc just closes the Table of Contents. All links in an article can be accessed quickly by pressing their automatically-generated link hotkey (a simple letter or digit key). Also any articles fixed below the main body (such as a contact-us page or legal information) get such hotkeys. Wherever applicable, control functions can of course also be triggered by clicking on (pseudo) links with the mouse. All major browsers will allow changing the font size by Ctrl++ Ctrl+- Ctrl+0 and remember it for the website.
04. Reader features
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