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Extension Modules:02. SSE Screensaver/Easteregg

When the user doesn't strike a key or moves the mouse on the website for a while (9 minutes by default), a screensaver animation will be shown until the user strikes a key or moves the mouse over the main image.
(On this page here, the wait time is reduced to 9 seconds.)
By default, the screensaver has 9 balls, 3 colors are randomly picked out of 6 and then each gets 3 balls. Typing out "Joensson" runs a similar animation immediately, called the "easteregg". It uses 16 balls: 5 times 3 colors, plus one picture of the developer randomly chosen from three. In the xmod's UI settings (SSE.ini in the Resources Manager), you can alter four values: minutes Sets the wait time for the screensaver. ss_balls Sets the number of balls used by the screensaver. — For some examples press O for one ball T for two balls H for three balls N for nine (9) balls (the default) M for many (50) balls. pic_ee and pic_ss Here you can set the path for different main images to use by the easteregg or the screensaver, respectively. — The images should be transparent background .png files of 200×200 pixels. — To see an example press C for a cartoon image. For more information on how the screensaver works, check out F →falkj.info/en/?/About-the-screensaver.
02. SSE Screensaver/Easteregg
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