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Hello, welcome, dear reader! I am Falk Joensson, the mind behind this website. May it benefit you well!
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Most recent articles of this website: see W What I'm currently doing Besides this website here, I develop the project Future Democracy: D →Future-Democracy.info This website's most important sub-projects and pages:
1. "Learning Programming with Eas" free online course (online book): A →falkj.info/Eas-Tutorial/en including the bonus chapter "How the Computer Works" W →…/How-the-Computer-Works
C →falkj.info/Eas-Tutorial/en/?/How-the-Computer-Works
2. The programming language Eas a.k.a. Easy Application Script, developed entirely by Falk Joensson: L →falkj.info/Eas 3. A safe, healthy, long and happy life is easily possible for all. Fundamentals, concepts, ways: B The book "Constructive Utopism" 4. My political-philosophical manifesto, written as concisely as ever possible: M The FJ Manifesto 5. 12 CDs with electronic music from 5 projects: F Falk Joensson's music 6. My Telegram channels: T My "Telegram kingdom" 7. The websites software PowerLeafCMS, developed entirely by Falk Joensson: P →falkj.info/PowerLeaf For more, see the Table of Contents — keyboard hotkey Esc. You can also read the whole website like a book, leafing from page to page via the / cursor keys. My topics include philosophy, science, social criticism, utopism, linguistics, languages, computer programming, hacking, conlanging, psychology, psychotherapy, medicine, enlightenment, education, learning, personal management, survival, martial arts, drugfree living, veganism, permaculture, anarchism, atheism, polyamory, music, demoscene, humor, and more. Please note: Hotkeys for external websites and downloads only work if you set your webbrowser to always allow popups for falkj.info. (My website will never pester you with actual popups, that's a promise! Webbrowsers just can't differentiate between those and above types of hotkeys.)
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