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Falk Joensson
Hello, welcome, dear reader! I am Falk Joensson, the mind behind this website. May it benefit you well!
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This website's most important sub-projects and pages:
1. "Learning Programming with Eas" free online course (online book): T →falkj.info/Eas-Tutorial/en including the bonus chapter "How the Computer Works" W →…/How-the-Computer-Works
W →falkj.info/Eas-Tutorial/en/?/How-the-Computer-Works
2. The programming language Eas aka Easy Application Script, developed entirely by Falk Joensson: A →falkj.info/Eas 3. A safe, healthy, long and happy life is easily possible for all. Fundamentals, concepts, ways: B The book "Constructive Utopism" 4. My political-philosophical manifesto, written as concisely as ever possible: M The FJ Manifesto 5. 12 CDs with electronic music from 5 projects: F Falk Joensson's music 6. My YouTube channel: Y →youtube.com/c/falkjinfo 7. The websites software PowerLeafCMS, developed entirely by Falk Joensson: P →falkj.info/PowerLeaf For more, see the Table of Contents — keyboard hotkey Esc. You can also read the whole website like a book, leafing from page to page via the / cursor keys. Please note: Hotkeys for external websites and downloads only work if you set your webbrowser to always allow popups for falkj.info. (My website will never pester you with actual popups, that's a promise! Webbrowsers just can't differentiate between those and above types of hotkeys.) PS: I do not use Facebook, Twitter etc. Instead, I keep a single page up to date that tells you about C My current life.
01. Quick Overview
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