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Misc topics:05. Done 2018, Plans 2019

My achievements in 2018: 1. two large (village-sized) 3D models for a planned novel 2. the website software PowerLeafCMS (aka PLF) F →falkj.info/PowerLeaf 3. this very website (created with PLF) 4. the JavaScript-animated article A About the screensaver 5. a powerful personal management suite (MML aka Master My Life, created with PLF) 6. the software for a big language-construction project (created with PLF) 7. the software for writing a very complex novel (created with PLF) 8. simplified my internet life 1. deleted all but the most essential user accounts 2. removed all my old personal and business websites 3. switched to @falkj.info email addresses 4. using "falkjinfo" everywhere as a generic username 9. set up the donations-taker P →paypal.me/falkjinfo 10. terminated my business enterprise (founded in 2009) to live as an early retiree, focussed on my own projects 11. the programming language Eas (4B) E →falkj.info/Eas 12. the free online book "Learning Programming with Eas" T →falkj.info/Eas-Tutorial 13. the article series How the Computer Works (as a bonus chapter of the Eas Tutorial) 14. the Eas 4B DRAW' web graphics programming suite R →falkj.info/Eas/?/Rendering-2D-Drawings 15. my political-philosophical manifesto M The FJ Manifesto My plans for 2019: 1. achieve a good work-life-balance (personal development, body/health, household, family life, and social networking all optimized, not just focussing on creative projects and learning) 2. one or two multimedia extensions for Eas 4B 3. write some little games and demos with Eas 4B 4. cover all Eas 4B extensions in the Eas Tutorial 5. start a members-only social club website 6. start writing my first novel Also in 2018: - I watched 7 tv series: 1. Star Trek: Voyager (in French) 2. Star Trek: The Next Generation (in Japanese) 3. ALF (in English and German) 4. Full House (in English, German and French) 5. Fuller House (in English, German, French and Dutch) 6. The World's Most Extraordinary Homes (on Netflix) 7. Amazing Interiors (on Netflix) - I watched 16 movies: 1. Army of Darkness 2. Silver Linings Playbook 3. The Intouchables (French movie) 4. Anastasia (animated film) 5. Pad Man (Hindi movie) 6. L.A. Story (Steve Martin) 7. Sgt. Bilko (Steve Martin) 8. Mutiny on the Bounty (Marlon Brando) 9. Good Night, and Good Luck (about McCarthy's red scare) 10. Gandhi 11. Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom 12. Selma (about Martin Luther King) on the history of nuclear bombs: 13. Ende der Unschuld (End of Innocence; German tv movie) 14. Shadow Makers (aka Fat Man and Little Boy) 15. Albert Einstein (GDR movie, focus on the A-bombs) 16. J. Robert Oppenheimer (7 1-hour movies BBC miniseries)
05. Done 2018, Plans 2019
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