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My music comes in two levels: 1. Listen to all songs full length in fair quality on Bandcamp: F →falkjinfo.bandcamp.com. 2. Buy the high-quality albums from Bandcamp and listen to them whenever and wherever you want. Each bought album comes with (additional) bonus tracks and/or other extras.
I have five musical projects, with 12 published albums so far:
project 1: Iteki-San Radio Tunes: danceable electronic cheerful music, mellow trance, Afro-dance project 2: Iteki-San Underground Club: techno, hardtrance, rave, minimal, club, hardhouse project 3: Falk Joensson Music: relaxing electronic music, meditation music, chillout, ambient project 4: Globkunst: experimental electronic music from chillout over pseudo hardrock to noisecore project 5: Thagga Slug: hardcore techno, industrial, gabber/gabba, speedcore
Some background information: I produced almost all songs with proper equipment (the Quasimidi The Raven MAX/Super music workstation) and not just on a computer. Almost all songs (only a handful use pre-existing melodies) are entirely my own creation: composition, arrangements, playing all melodies, bass and chords properly on the piano keyboard (in obvious instances I used a chord arpeggiator), drums and percussion programming (using no ready-made samples), and live-recorded controller movements. On the computer, I added vocals and sound effects to some songs, and did the mastering of all. The artwork for all the CDs is also entirely my own. I wrote most songs in 2001, published the CDs one after the other in 2008 and again as a digital re-release in 2012. Some anecdotes: 1. A friend claims my music helped him stop smoking. Instead of lighting one cigarette after another on his many long business car trips, he often got lost in listening to my music instead, until he finally decided to quit smoking for good. 2. The track "Randori-no Ongaku" that I had produced by request of my nihon (traditional Japanese) jujutsu sensei (teacher/mentor) was still on weekly rotation in my old dojo (martial arts training facility) even ten years after I had quit for health reasons (it is used to pace the meditational-ritualistic freestyle grappling training form of randori, usually done by a live drummer in Japanese dojos). Track 10 on B →falkjinfo.bandcamp.com/album/loglosub-q
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