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In 2019, our second son was born. In 2019, my main project was to develop a new psychotherapy method for neuroses (anxiety, depression, OCD). After comprehensive research to complete the knowledge that I had acquired over the years before, I took eight major development phases to create my new therapy method that has a solid scientific fundament in neuro-psychology, after I had thoroughly cross-analysed the following traditions: 1. SFBT solution-focussed brief therapy by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg 2. CBT cognitive behavior therapy by Aaron T. Beck et al 3. RET rational-emotive therapy by Albert Ellis 4. HST hypnosystemic therapy by Gunther Schmidt 5. PsyCy psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz 6. TA transactional analysis by Eric Berne I developed then a Psycho-Anatomical Model for the etiology (forming) and therapy of neuroses, and as the therapeutic technique the Pragmatic Therapy. I've planned to validate its effectiveness by 2020. Only after success of course I shall publish on it. Although I had wanted to focus entirely on my main project, I ended up performing also 17 side projects in 2019: 1. a significantoverhaul of this very website here 2. automatic search-engine optimizations for my websites 3. finally a search function for my websites 4. the framework for a social website 5. various bugfixes for my programming language Eas 6. various improvements for my self-management tool 7. a fullscreen daily schedule PC clock 8. a household management tool for my wife and myself 9. a modular cooking menu for international cuisines 10. a tool for very fast and comfortable kcal logging 11. graphs and statistics for weight and kcals 12. a pictures slideshow for our baby 13. a motivating multi-poster with people I reverence 14. an improved political election info tool 15. significantly improved the 3D models for my 1st novel 16. a program for digitally encrypted testaments 17. transcribed old German documents on our family history In 2019, I watched 9 TV series: 1. Star Trek: The Next Generation (HD-remastered) 2. MacGyver 3. Columbo 4. Sherlock Holmes (everything with Jeremy Brett) 5. De Zevensprong (Dutch children's series) 6. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 7. The Big Bang Theory 8. Sketchup (a German comedy series) 9. Scrubs (started) In 2019, I watched 136 movies and 20 documentaries, the best of which were: 3D animation: 1. Wreck It Ralph 2. Inside Out 3. Cars 4. Cars 3 5. Ratatouille movies for children: 6. Spy Kids 7. Spy Kids 2 8. Tale About the Lost Time (Soviet movie) 9. Along Unknown Paths (Soviet movie) comedy: 10. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure 11. The Court Jester (with Danny Kaye) 12. Over My Dead Body (with Christoph M. Ohrt) light entertainment: 13. Funny Face (with Audrey Hepburn) 14. The Stone Flower (Russian fairytale) action: 15. TRON: Legacy 16. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 17. Blue Thunder history: 18. The Kennedys (miniseries) 19. Thirteen Days (about the Cuban Missile Crisis) 20. Bridge of Spies (about the Abel-Powers exchange) society: 21. 12 Angry Men 22. Miss Sloane 23. The Game Changers (pro-vegan documentary about top athletes)
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