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I keep this page relatively up to date. This current version is from 2020-01-01. Creativity: 2019 I almost exclusively worked on a new psychotherapy approach against neuroses and wrote more than 500 book pages for that. Now I want to work towards my first novel, which requires going over more than 1000 notes, final touches on my 3D models that shall ensure consistency in the highly complex world of the novel and writing back stories for all the many planned characters. Also I plan to publish videos on YouTube again, ideally even a weekly vlog. Edutainment: Most recently I watched several old Russian fairytale movies, everythig with Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes and all Karl May (a famous classical German adventure novelist) movies by the Rialto and CCC film studios, and I started watching the dramedy series Scrubs (my wife's favorite tv show). I'm waiting for Netflix to finally release the complete last seasons of "Fuller House" and "The Big Bang Theory". Body/Health: For my new psychotherapy approach I'll be the best "guinea pig", as I suffer since 25 years now from severe stress-related psychosomatic and neurotic complications such as panic attacks, OCD and selective eating disorder. Due to the latter, I suffer since 5 years now from being serious underweight and increasing malnutrition with the related consequences. My top-priority goal is currently to eat a varied and sufficient diet again, restore my fitness and health, and be able to be there for my family instead of being a burden. Personal Development: See Body/Health. Household, Money and Bureaucracy: My ID card is void since about one year. Since as an agoraphobic I never move about where I need it, nobody noticed that until now. But no problem, the issuing office does home visits in such cases and I will get a valid card by the end of January without any fuzz. Besides that, I'm currently fighting against involuntary home radio telemetry, a technology which is sheer insanity regarding the ecological and financial impact as well as the privacy-security and health risks. Friends/Family: Soon our baby will be 1 year old and learn to walk and talk. By experience, everyday living will become considerably easier from then on again. From my father I recently got old documents on our family history, which I was able to successfully transcribe from the shockingly bad handwriting in old German, and I also added research information. The documents finally explained the idiosyncracy of our family name, which originally actually was written and spelt "Jönsson" but several generations ago took on the written form "Joensson" and the spelling (German notation) "Jonnsonn".
07. My current life
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