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[dun] 2019-05-26 Finally a blog again! I really missed having a blog. Oh, I've been on Facebook and Twitter, even did some vlogs on YouTube, but none of those felt really good to me. I want full control over my data, I don't want any web 2.0 retard comments, and I am eco-conscious about data storage space wasted mindlessly for videos, where in most cases text conveys information in a much more sensible way. All in all, this minimalistic blog is exactly what I want. [dun] 2019-05-26 SEO for PowerLeaf Last year, I developed F →falkj.info/PowerLeaf and use it since then for all my websites. However, search engines had serious trouble with my JavaScript-rendered pages. During last week, I finally solved this issue by implementing a cache for the HTML rendered pages. (SEO = search-engines optimization) Now I hope my websites resurface soon. [pol] 2019-05-26 Upgraded to non-voter Today is the EU parliament election. I didn't vote this time, and I won't vote again. My voting or non-voting doesn't matter at all, the voting system is just a mass control tool, like the oxymoron "representative democracy". As Noam Chomsky said: "The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum." This is what "politics" is all about, keeping people passive and obedient. Even if the voting system would work as promised (it never will, it works as designed, by those who were in power already before its existence), there simply is no party even remotely covering what I find the most pressing issues, which all reside far outside the limited debated spectrum, and are, by definition, "unacceptable" opinions. (Nope, not militant or fascist or terrorist or anything like that, quite the contrary. Nothing to be scared of, but a target of paradox ridicule by the arrogant, ignorant, savage masses.) I am not a voter. I am a thinker — and author. This is political, this is democracy, voting is not. [dun] 2019-05-29 MyDay — my new steampunkish tool Thanks to my programming language Eas (aka Easy Application Script), see E →falkj.info/Eas, it took me only one day to create a new tool that now helps me stick well to my planned meals and bedtime, as I proved successfully today. I start my computer first thing each morning, and it launches Firefox at startup, whre now I've set MyDay as the first startpage. This way it detects when I rose the day and calculates all times from there. Here's how it looks: M →falkj.info/MyDay. With the cursor keys you can cycle through all the day's sections. The pointer hand and the golden ring part show how much is left of the current section. [dun] 2019-06-03 Air conditioner already in use Since temperatures already reach August levels here, I've set up our air conditioner now. We bought it last year and used it in the living room, but as our office is always the warmest room, this year I put the AC here. I hope that with it, we not only get well through the extreme summer heat forecast for this year, but that I will be able to work well during the hot months. Nobody can really think perfectly clearly and concentrate when it is too warm. And I want to work on a book as well as on two big software projects. [sxs] 2019-06-06 Searchable websites — PowerLeaf complete With a final major upgrade, a website search engine, my websites software F →falkj.info/PowerLeaf now is completed. I use it for this website here and all its sub-projects, as well as for various powerful personal tools on my offline computer. Now, finally, I can start working on my first novel. And I will also work on extending the N →n1c3.net. [mus] 2019-06-14 Music Discoveries Here are some tracks that I liked best and didn't know before (except for Enya's "Only If") from the last CDs I bought: Y →YouTube playlist Y →youtube.com/playlist?list=PLteYdyGKUfTa4vYvzLsY6kiAiMDl2o34i
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06. The Blog (2019)
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