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🚀 This is how I start into the day — maybe it's also an inspiration for you? (I do the exercises after breakfast, but you could also do them before.) 1. 2 minutes Values and Goals — short meditation/focussing: What are my most elementary values and goals in life? 2. 5 minutes Body Activation — loosening and stretching the whole body, efficient coordination exercises 3. 2 minutes Healing — short meditation/self-hypnosis on current bodily ailments, visualising and/or planning healing 4. 2 minutes Self-Strengthening — short meditation/self-hypnosis for mental control, strength and resilience (crises competence) total duration: 11 minutes My personal examples: Elementary Values and Goals: To live as long as healthy and as happy as possible (all other goals and values are mere derivations from these), for that purpose optimize resources and minimize risks; to be and live the best possible I in every way Body Activation: on alternate days upper body training (hands, arms, shoulders, neck, head/face) oder lower body training (incl. spine, hips, legs, feet); loosen and stretch all joints one after the other in all 8 directions, then rotate axially, then circle around, and then shake to loosen again; for functional coordination do some fast-faced, basic self-defence techniques (atemi katas, striking or kicking, depending on the day's programme, i.e. upper vs lower body training) All that can of course freely be altered and adapted individually. I for one do a second, this time 3-minutes long healing block to alleviate specific chronic ailments. After this short programme (it has to be short enough so that one will really do it daily), one should take 1-2 minutes to set one's goals for the day. See also M The Magic Week Plan
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