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🚀 Here as an inspirational suggestion my self-management week plan, in which I focus each day on a certain field of life: Mon = HH = household Tue = CW = creative work Wed = SC = social contacts Thu = PD = personal development Fri = BH = body/health Sat = ET = edutainment Sun = FF = free focus Maybe that is an idea also for you? Examples for options: HH = cleaning, tidying up, repairs, shopping, upgrading the apartment, finances, paperwork, ... CW = drawing, painting, writing, composing music, programming, ... SC = family, friends, social web (emails, PMs, blog/vlog, ...), networking, ... PD = learning new stuff, self-management, meditations, psychotherapy, training for intelligence, memory, emotional strength, resilience, ... BH = physical exercising, self-defense training, massages, relaxation/wellness, working on healing physical ailments, ... ET = watching movies/documentaries, rearing, computer games, web-surfing to answer open questions or just follow interests, ... FF = a second day for any of the six focus fields, the most important or most favorite current main project, special weekly routines, ... For each of the fields I collect short notes throughout the whole week, whenever I get an idea, for each focus field I use a separate note sheet, and each morning after breakfast (see also M The Magic Morning) I have a look at the day's ideas list. This way nothing gets lost, I always have at least one definitive goal/project for the day, and in all fields of life I make constant progress, thus always having a positive baseline feeling!
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