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My main works:The book "Constructive Utopism"

There exist many different ideas for how the world could be improved, how it could be made a much more peaceful, healthy, happy place for everybody. While most such utopian thoughts are unrealistic dreams, some concepts are well founded and based on hard science. After I had found several of such on the internet and in books spanning two centuries, I decided to write a book where I introduce the best of them, along with new concepts that I developed in years of research and computer-simulated testing and refinement. After arduous 6.5 years of working on this book (in a race against time, faced with grave health problems) I eventually published it in 2007 in an English and a German edition, just in time before I hit the hospitals for many months. The printed version was available from 2007-2018. (Some unsold copies are still available from Amazon etc.) title: "The Railing of the Mountain Path: Constructive Utopism" 228 pages, 13.50 Euros (of which I only saw 1 Euro, while the other 12.50 Euro went for material, production and transport costs and to the publisher and seller) Constructive Utopism book cover You can now download the book as a free PDF version: C Constructive Utopism.pdf (8783 KB) You're very welcome to volunarily pay a few Euros (or bucks etc.) for the book, I am happy about any amount, you can modify it freely to what you are most comfortable with: P →paypal.me/falkjinfo/12 Alternatively also the old original HTML version with colored images (English + German side by side): U Constructive Utopism htm-jpg.zip (923 KB) And for absolute purists as a single HTML file without any pictures (also English + German side by side): 1 Constructive Utopism 1-htm.zip (256 KB) And finally, you can download this as a free MP3 audiobook (as requested by some): F →falkjinfo.n1c3.net/Constructive-Utopism-MP3s-audiobook.zip
02. The book "Constructive Utopism"
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