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Misc topics:The self-management week

After many years of experimenting, I found the best way to organize my life is focussing on certain areas by the day of the week. You may try to use this method yourself or use it as a starting point to develop your very own one. Monday = Wild Card To do whatever is so urgent that it needs an extra day of the week, or that interests me most at the moment, and to do any meta-planning (for the week, month, year, etc.). Tuesday = Household To clean and tidy up the flat, to do any shopping and repairs, to do any finances and bureaucracy (e.g. taxes), and to back up and tidy up digital data. Wednesday = Relationships To spend a lot of time with my little family, to continuously work on our romantic relationship, and to keep in touch with friends and relatives. Thursday = Personal Development To continuously further improve myself, to train cognitive skills, intelligence and memory, to train emotional strength ("therapy" if needed), and to learn ever new meaningful things (e.g. languages). Friday = Leisure To play computer games, to read novels or short stories, to watch movies, tv series or documentaries, to listen to audio plays, to listen to music aloud (and possibly dance), to sing and play musical instruments, and to browse the internet (e.g. Wikipedia). Saturday = Body To train for endurance, strength, agility and flexibility, to train for posture and looks, to train self-protection (safe falling, rolling, dodging, etc.), to train self-defence and martial arts, to hike, bike, swim, canoe, climb, ice-skate, ski, and so on, to fully relax and do good for one's health, and to review and train first aid knowledge and skills. Sunday = Creativity To work on any creative projects, such as pictures, music, websites, software, books, and so on, to train arts and crafts, and to do independent scientific research.
02. The self-management week
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