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After many years Eof experimenting, I found the best way to organize my life is focussing on certain areas by the day of the week. During the day, I'm currently mostly there for my family, especially for our children, but at least in the (late) evening I invest my time and energy in the day's focus area. You may try this method yourself or use it as a starting point to develop your very own one. Monday = Household - tidying up - cleaning - repairs - shopping (needs and upgrades) - finances and bureaucracy - organizing digital data, and computer backups Tuesday = Main Project - current (e.g. creative) focus - examples: book, painting, music, software, research - for me currently: writing my first novel Wednesday = Interaction - personal correspondence / phone calls - internet chats and forums - web publishing (blog/website, YouTube, etc.) Thursday = Personal Development - learning useful new things (e.g. foreign languages) - practise and improve useful skills - train memory and intelligence - train emotional strength and resilience - if needed (e.g. neuroses): psychotherapy Friday = Body/Health - if needed: research on current ailments - treatment planning for chronic ailments - physical leisure activities, such as hiking, biking, swimming, climbing, etc. - self-protection training (safe falling, self-defense, etc.) - targeted body training for endurance, flexibility, posture, toughness, control, strength, speed - wellness and relaxation - learn/recapitulate/train first aid Satuday = Media Consumption - research on topics of current interest (internet, reference books / encyclopedias) - reading books / listening to audiobooks - watching movies/documentaries - listening to audio plays - playing computer/console games - internet media (videos, websites, etc.) Sunday = Wild Card - an extra day for urgent/important tasks - a free day for current main interests - anything else, such as personal visits
07. The self-management week
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