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Edutainment: - I'm watching the TV series Fuller House each evening on Netflix in Italian (I've already watched it in English, German, French, Dutch, Greek, Chinese and Swedish) - I'm watching the TV series ST-TNG ("Star Trek — The Next Generation") (remastered) on each weekend on Blu-ray discs in (Castilian) Spanish (I've already watched it in German, English, Italian and Japanese) - I'm listening to the English audiobooks of nearly all the novels of Terry Pratchett, each evening and often also when cooking - I'm playing Journey to the Savage Planet on the Nintendo Switch video game console Creativity: - I'm working as the website author, and as the admin of its open Telegram group, for Future Democracy F →Future-Democracy.info (first focussing on the German version though) - on Telegram I am the admin and a member of an open think tank on public safety against hazardous political developments (such as in the Corona crisis), and the key editor of its reports and podcasts, all in German language only as of now - I'm working on highly complex 3D models for the architecture and scenes for my first monumental novel (science fiction), from individual rooms up to whole metropolises - I'm continuously collecting notes for my world language (already final are: script, script Romanization, letters hand-signing, pronunciation, many parts of the grammar, the whole numerical grammar, colors, personal pronouns, some vocabulary) - I'm continuously collecting notes for an adventure fantasy novel for kids Personal Development: - I'm finally learning the Morse code - all through 2019, I developed a thorough therapeutical program against neuroses (anxiety disorders and OCD), which I want to finally try on patients (first on myself) - I want to do various therapeutical meditations to finally digest traumatic memories, checking them off my long list Health: - I'm once again fighting to gain weight to normal weight, and also to start eating a far more healthy and varied diet - I'm working on finally establishing a regular sleeping pattern with enough sleep (instead of pushing far too long nights in workaholic mode, as I've been doing since long) - I want to invest again more time and energy into improving my health by way of both working on my fitness, and healing or at least easing various chronic ailments Household: - during the Corona Crisis, due to my excessive online videos watching, own videos and articles, as well as internet discussion battles, a lot in the household kept unattended and piled up massively over the months; these mountains I'm now working off, as quickly as my health permits: repairs, tidying up, and cleaning, lots and lots of it ... Most recent articles of this website: 2021-01-20 M The Magic Morning 2021-01-19 T My "Telegram kingdom" 2021-01-15 W The Magic Week Plan Subscribe to my Telegram channel to get notified on new articles of this website: A →t.me/falkjinfo
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