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Edutainment: - I'm watching the TV series Fuller House each evening on Netflix in Chinese (I've already watched it in English, German, French, Dutch and Greek) - I'm watching the TV series ST-TNG ("Star Trek — The Next Generation") (remastered) on each weekend on Blu-ray discs in (Castilian) Spanish (I've already watched it in German, English, Italian and Japanese) - I'm listening to the English audiobook series The Complete Sherlock Holmes (the original by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) each evening when going to bed - I'm watching the monumental documentary The Vietnam War (17 hours) with the English audio description at night whenever I feel strong enough for it (as like "The War" by the same team about WW2 it shows lots of traumatzing real footage) - I'm playing Journey to the Savage Planet on the Nintendo Switch video game console, Creativity: - I'm developing a new filesystem backup software - I'm working on highly complex 3D models for the architecture and scenes for my first monumental novel (science fiction), from individual rooms up to whole metropolises - I'm planning the continuation of my YouTube series Oh Corona! F →falkj.info/FIY/en/?/Oh-Corona and The New Enlightenment A →falkj.info/FIY/en with considerably less production efforts (up until now they were far too high for regular publishing, as I would desire it) - I'm continuously collecting notes for my ,world language (already final are: script, script Romanization, letters hand-signing, pronunciation, many parts of the grammar, the whole numerical grammar, colors, personal pronouns, some vocabulary) - I'm continuously collecting notes for an adventure fantasy novel for kids Personal Development: - I'm finally learning the Morse code - all through 2019, I developed a thorough therapeutical program against neuroses (anxiety disorders and OCD), which I want to finally try on patients (first on myself) - I want to do various therapeutical meditations to finally digest traumatic memories, checking them off my long list Health: - I'm once again fighting to gain weight to normal weight, and also to start eating a far more healthy and varied diet - I'm working on finally establishing a regular sleeping pattern with enough sleep (instead of pushing far too long nights in workaholic mode, as I've been doing since long) - I want to invest again more time and energy into improving my health by way of both working on my fitness, and healing or at least easing various chronic ailments Household: - during the Corona Crisis, due to my excessive YouTube watching, own videos and articles, as well as internet discussion battles, a lot in the household kept unattended and piled up massively over the months; these mountains I'm now working off, as quickly as my health permits: repairs, tidying up, and cleaning, lots and lots of it ... Most recent articles of this website: 2020-11-12 T My "Telegram kingdom" 2020-10-21 S The self-management week
06. What I'm currently doing
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