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As a YouTube subscriber of mine, you can pick your desired next topic(s) here, just let me know your choice in the comments section on any of my videos on YouTube. You can also suggest a new, different topic, and I will let you know what I think of it. But first, here are the videos that are already scheduled as wished: - Oh Corona 4: Fact-Checking? Spin-Doctoring! - first aid against nervous breathing - Oh Corona 5: Effective Counter-Measures - disproving the Big Bang theory - two solid solutions for Olbers' paradoxon (astronomy, related to the Big Bang theory) - a fascinating theory on Jupiter's Great Red Spot - from would-be-assassin to protector (anecdote) - Oh Corona 6: ethics vs collateral damages - two-factors theory of developing cancer (oncological etiology) - theory of developing allergy (allergological etiology) - criticism of the Antifa - criticism of the criticism of the Antifa - the heterogeneity of both the left and the right - criticism of left-wing ideas - criticism of right-wing ideas - personal anecdotes (see below) And now come my ideas for possible topics: Series "Oh Corona!": - Gandhi would feel insulted - the Dirty Gertie trick (propaganda defence) - mass psychoses, Stockholm Syndrome, OCD - The Corona Crisis as World War 3? - Corona politics = global fascism? On health issues: - Why anti-vaccination? — arguments - Compulsory MMR because of "VAXXED"? On society: - Transactional Analysis for political typology (practical social psychology) - the dirty trick of the "golden middle" - why sources are (mostly) nonsense - academic vs real science - radio smoke detectors, 5G and "total surveillance" True personal anecdotes: - why I left Mensa - why I'm not with Scientology - I once purposefully hurt a cop who just stood by a festival and had done me no harm, and though his colleagues were shocked, they just let me go - once someone confessed to me that he had planned to kill me, then took a 180° turn and now would always protect me - I have a perfect doppelgänger right here in the same city, which has caused many a confusion
04. You choose my next topics!
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